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preface By: Future Market Insights    [ POSTED BY Mohammad N. Jami ]


Over-the-top (OTT) content is the delivery of audio, video, images and other media over the internet and bypasses traditional content distribution services.

 OTT services are mostly related to communication and media and are generally lower in cost than the traditional method of content delivery.

 OTT content, applications, and services are increasingly being adopted in all segments of commerce and society and are affecting and disrupting traditional industries at a significant pace.

 Consumers use online video instead of traditional television; Online communications platforms instead of traditional telephone services; and today are able to download films and music that were once provided only on physical media.

 Additionally, the process of advertising and searching for services is increasingly moving to these online platforms. This has led to an exponential market growth globally. 

Digital Marketing based on OTT multimedia contents    [ POSTED BY Mohammad N. Jami ]


The NAMA NO Company provides the marketing and interactive advertising solutions based on the OTT systems to the special customers.

Therefore, our customers can deliver any desired advertising contents by any operators to all over the branches in Iran by their private and dedicated multiplatform OTT portal to increase their revenues and benefits.

 Obviously, the customers will require the total solution, after convincing by conducting some analyzing sessions, workshops, and demonstrations about the new ideas and suggestions.

The idea is not only based on using mobiles phones and other personal interactive tools but in addition, we make an opportunity for all customers to interact with the networked touchscreen stands or kiosks in the stores or malls to continue their connections with the content provider., Hence, it is predicted using a customized OTT Portal with dedicated limited functionality on any networked stands or kiosks by connection to OTT servers which would be supported by the company.

Customers’ aggregation & Ads shopping    [ POSTED BY Mohammad N. Jami ]


New Digital Marketing solutions is based on the special OTT portals to Increase Customer Touchpoints and Customer’s intimacy via applying the variety of social media networks, Proximity Marketing, video marketing, Local Based Marketing Systems, OTT or Mini OTT portals solutions for the transportation systems e.g. Airplanes, Trains, Buses, the interactive displays, the big screen video walls, the networked base stands and kiosks and using WIFI for dedicated or displays tablets in the road shows.

We provide the hybrid solutions based on the integration of new information technology tools with a different platform such as Augmented Reality E-magazine for visitors on roadshows and also for training purpose.

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