Our background is mainly providing advertising projects and digital marketing ideas to our customers e.g. companies, chain shopping malls, oil Industries and Banks.

Some of the past customers are:

- Polar Industrial Group

- Entekhab Industrial Group

- Mellat Bank

- Parsian Bank

- Iran Mehr Bank

- Representative of Lamborghini Accessories in Iran

- BiBi Yazdi Packaging Industries

Current projects:

1-     Bank Shahr (OTT content marketing and new interactive services)

2-     Mega Mall & Kourosh Mall

3-     Shahrvand chain Mall & Refah chain Mall (related to food industries)

4-      Pars Oil Company (advertising and sales engineering of petroleum products at the chain Malls and some Gas stations?)

5-     Game applications

6-     Augmented Reality based E-catalogue, advertising and E-learning

7-     Interactive advertising and digital marketing applying on displays and personal devices based on implementing the Mini OTT solution for transportation centers and vehicles

  Homey Hero is a dynamic videogame as the first showcase of Salsa Augmented Reality Core developed by colonteam studio and supported by Nama-No in 2018.   Read More

    colonteam studio has started developing a new augmented reality service since 2018 supported by Nama No company. We try to make our services available as a SDK for any augmented reality application and videogame developers soon. Currently, we're trying to handle up some necessary additional elements of the service.    Read more

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